Sample reports - 

The [GHOST] High Resolution Inventory Report 

Use the [GHOST] mobile app to create stunning detailed inventories
- Unlimited
re-nameable high resolution photographs
- Create a library of templates to significantly speed up reporting process 

- Use Smart Features which allow easy input of keys, detectors and utilities 

The [GHOST] Digitally Signed Check-in Report 

Use the [GHOST] mobile app to prepare and complete the Check-in report.
 - Input compliance requirements for Smoke detectors and CO Alarms 

- Easily add utilities with the Smart Feature pop out
- Get the tenants  to sign the declaration on your mobile device

The [GHOST] So Simple Mid-Term Report 

Simplify the everyday Mid-Term or Periodic Inspection report

- Input compliance requirements for Smoke detectors and CO Alarms 

- Easily add Unauthorised Occupants & Pets with the Smart Feature pop outs
- Creates branded report to send directly to your landlord & tenant

The [GHOST] Check-Out Report 

Create easy to read Check-out reports quickly and simply

- Input Maintenance & Cleaning issues and add multiple photographs 

- Digitally signed declarations by tenants
- Cross reference against your [GHOST] inventory using a "Linked Check-out" report

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